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Get Cooksnaps for Your Recipe Site!

Cooksnaps lets you SEE what your readers cook with your recipes and provides you with simple, easy-to-understand, yet powerful recipe analytics.

Don't have a recipe blog?

¡Introduce la dirección (URL) de una receta de tu sitio web y previsualiza la miniaplicacion ahora!

To Get Started:

Installation Instructions

See how people cook your recipes

The Cooksnaps plugin lets your readers contribute cooking photos with comments when they make your recipes. Engage in visual conversations with fans and get to know your audience based on how and what they cooked.

Cooksnaps gallery

Keep your readers on your blog

Cooksnaps is integrated directly into your recipe pages so readers never need to leave your site. Show off recent cooksnap photo submissions on your home page with our optional gallery widget and drive more people to your recipes.

Understand what your readers like

Cooksnaps gives you useful and interesting statistics based on how your readers use your site. Easily see your most popular recipes, get insights about what kind of content your audience loves to see, and much more.

Analytics summary

Features for Recipe Bloggers

Choose the Best Style for You.

Cooksnaps Button

Small, lean and won’t interfere with your site’s design. The simplest way to let readers share what they cook :)

Cooksnaps Button Cooksnaps button demo

Interactive Widget

A beautiful photo viewer that lets you really show off who's cooking your recipes. Enrich engagement with your audience.

Cooksnaps widget demo

Slim Sidebar Option

Love the Cooksnaps widget, but worried about space? Simply place it in your sidebar to get all the functionality in compact size.

Cooksnaps sidebar demo

Powerful Recipe Analytics

The Cooksnaps plugin automatically comes with useful, easy-to-understand stats about your site, your recipes and your readers. Analytics are based on actual usage of your site and are viewable in your profile.

Easy-to-Read Interface

Analytics piecharts

Recipe Analytics are easy to read and keep things simple with only the most important information. No need to sift through pages of confusing statistics.

Metrics you can use

Analytics charts

Understand your audience and popular content with metrics including top recipes, traffic sources, devices used to view your site, and what countries your readers comes from.


Gorgeous photo viewer with commenting

Click a cooksnap on your blog and you'll see a large and rich photo window. You and other visitors can comment directly on any photo so you can really engage.


Full control and moderation

You decide which photos are shown on your site. With Cooksnaps' simple interface, you quickly moderate any cooksnap photos you receive.

Facebook cooksnaps

Facebook Gallery Integration

Automatically post all your approved Cooksnaps to a Gallery on your Facebook page so more fans can see how much your readers love your recipes.


WordPress plugin and more

Install Cooksnaps to your WordPress blog in seconds with our plugin. Cooksnaps is easy to install on tumblr, Typepad, Squarespace, Blogger and pretty much any web site too!


No page slowdown with async loading

Cooksnaps loads asynchronously after the rest of your site has finished loading, so it won’t affect your page's performance.

What else can you do?

Host Instagram events

Instagram events

Create Instagram Events with your recipes to encourage your readers to cook! Choose your own hashtag and organize all submissions on your own Cooksnaps Event page.


Spread the word about your recipes


Photos are also showcased on so everyone can see what recipes are getting cooked from around the net. All cooksnaps link directly back to your recipes, helping more people find you.

¡Introduce la dirección (URL) de una receta de tu sitio web y previsualiza la miniaplicacion ahora!

To Get Started:

Installation Instructions

Cooksnaps is always free and works just about everywhere!

  • Get up and running in minutes

    Cooksnaps works with, tumblr, Typepad, Squarespace, Blogger and pretty much any web site.

  • See what people cook

    Adding Cooksnaps to your site turns that stream of boring text comments into something visual you can really engage with.

  • Richer conversations

    Engage your community more deeply around the photos of your recipes they upload - reply right on your blog.

  • It looks great!

    Cooksnaps adapts to use your web site's fonts and colors so it fits right in with your content.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

We think you'll love being able to see and talk about the photos your fans take when they cook your recipes, so we'd love you to try it out and let us know :)