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This Cooksnap is confirmed as delivered to the recipe author! Walnut Sweet ( NAZOOK)

Felice said: "Wow, these things are awesome! I love the walnut filling. I thought nazook was going to be hard and take a long time, but it was much easier than I thought and fun to make! Nazook reminds me a little of cinnamon rolls but seems much lighter and extra flavor from cardamom & nutmeg! I cut the recipe in half and got 8 pieces :) Thanks again!"

  • Fardin Modarres

    Fardin Good job,Felice^@^/

    over 6 years ago

  • Fardin Modarres

    Fardin You must be pretty full after eating one or two pieces!haha!Pretty high calorie but who cares!hahaha

    over 6 years ago

  • Felice

    Felice Hahah! Yeah, i was so surprised how filling these were! Very dangerous!! These would be great to bring on a hiking trip for energy ;)

    over 6 years ago