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This Cooksnap is confirmed as delivered to the recipe author! Tom Kha Gai Recipe | Thai Coconut Chicken Soup | ต้มข่าไก่

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Felice dijo: "I FINALLY found a Thai spice source in japan and this was the first thing I wanted to try! Love the flavors from the lemongrass & galangal (first time to use them!). I used Thai green chilis and added some zucchini. I want to try an extra creamy one next time with more coconut milk ;) Thanks for this!!!"

  • Sherri Jane Engel-Pengjad

    Sherri That's wonderful you were able to find lemongrass and galangal! What a lovely idea to add zucchini! I'll try that next time :)

    hace casi 6 años

  • Felice

    Felice Yeah, I was so happy! They're frozen herbs, but they still seem to have a lot of flavor! Need to learn how to use them in other dishes ;)

    hace casi 6 años