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» Pickled Plum Pasta – Wafuu Umeboshi Spaghetti Otaku Food

Felice a dit: "Shiso & Umeboshi are so good together! I went a little overboard with green onions and mushrooms so it's very packed with veggies, heh. I actually used fresh green shiso instead of the dried one, and tried it with soba noodles instead of spaghetti. Yum! Maybe the red shiso would give you more of an intense flavor though, so will have to use that next time ;)"

  • Dani

    Dani Soba's a great idea, I'll definitely have to try that next time! I like using red shiso with umeboshi mainly since umeboshi are pickled with red shiso to begin with. The red shiso intensifies the pickled taste without adding the sourness, so it mellows the flavor a little :D Plus, fresh green shiso is harder to find for me, and I always have shiso salt on hand!

    "Il y a plus de 6 ans"

  • Felice

    Felice The soba did seem to get a little softer than spaghetti so might want to undercook it a little. Mmm, red shiso seems like it might be better choice then! It's great with rice too so need to get that in my pantry ^^

    "Il y a plus de 6 ans"