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Really Really Simple Banana Icecream

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Dionis Chiua

Dionis a dit: "Love this dessert! And I discovered a neat trick (by accident). Apparently after blending another round yesterday, I chucked a scoop away in the fridge to save for my brother. We forgot all about it till this morning where it looked like ice. When we took it out, I let the thing defrost slightly and when I dug my spoon into it, I was pleasantly surprised that the texture was firm like milky icecream instead of the soft serve texture! One would think that it would have crystalized with icy bits within especially when we didn't add any anti-freeze chemicals. Just amazed by nature's gift. Gonna update the recipe and add this little tip :)"

  • Yongfook

    Yongfook nice update!

    "Il y a plus de 8 ans"